The island of Aix

During your camping holiday**** La Grainetière in Charente-Maritime, this is not one island that you will have the chance to explore, but two! Yes, the island of Aix is only 1h30 crossing from the island of Ré! It is for its calm and its natural, but also its historical and cultural heritage that the island of Aix seduces more and more curious and lovers of protected natural sites.

An island classified as a "remarkable natural site"

3 km long, 600 m wide and barely 130 hectares in area, the island of Aix is a relatively small island without ever feeling cramped. There are no cars on the island! It is therefore on foot or by bike that your most beautiful escapades will be made. No less than 15 km of developed trails and 7 km of coastal trails are available to you! Very quickly, you will realize that Aix is a real kaleidoscope of the Charentais landscapes: rocky cliffs, wild coves, fine sandy beaches, maritime pine and holm oak forest, marshes, meadows and salt meadows... everything is there! This great diversity of natural environments is particularly favourable to the observation of many species of birds: wood turtle-dove, collared turner, Brent goose... It is therefore not surprising that the island of Aix is classified as a "remarkable natural site". Lovers of beautiful nature will appreciate!

Historical heritage and tourist sites

If the island of Aix lends itself wonderfully to the joys of swimming and idleness on the sand, it is also a destination with a remarkable historical and cultural heritage. The island is indeed home to many forts, batteries and walls. The most notable examples are the bastioned rampart of the village, Fort Liédot and Fort de la Rade. Other treasures of the heritage are also to be visited as the Napoleonic Museum, the African Museum or the church Saint-Martin, beautiful witness of the Romanesque art of Saintongeais of XIe century. This little crescent of earth won't be enough to charm you!

Crossing to the island of Aix from Saint-Martin-de-Ré

During your camping stay, it will be very easy and just as pleasant for you to spend a day on the island of Aix, the southernmost of the Ponant islands and the only island in the Charente not connected to the mainland. The stars of the Croisières Inter-îles offer daily crossings from the port of Saint-Martin-de-Ré located 4 km from our campsite La Grainetière.


  • Presentation 30 minutes before departure time.
  • Duration: 1h30-2h30* (*via La Rochelle)
  • In July-August, embark the weekend, because the frequentation is clearly less important.

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