Sailing schools and clubs on the Ile de Ré

On the Ile de Ré, the "passion for sailing" is cultivated, a passion which is expressed in a very active network of sailing centres and schools, bringing together a large number of sailors and new enthusiasts each year. Sailing? A whole range of activities to make your holiday on a campsite by the sea on the Ile de Ré more dynamic!

Île de Ré Voile - Plage en Ré, Loix, La Couarde sur Mer

Every season, the Île de Ré Voile team welcomes you to different spots on the Ile de Ré - Le Bois-Plage-en-Ré, La Couarde sur Mer, Loix - for courses and training sessions for beginners and experienced sailors. The equipment is of high quality, as are the instructors' explanations. On the programme: catamaran, windsurfing, funboard, stand up paddle, surfing and kayaking.

- Address: Gros Joncs beach, 17580 Le Bois-Plage-en-Ré, tel. 06 60 45 13 02 / Prises beach, 17670 La Couarde sur Mer, tel. 06 50 89 62 89 / Petite Tonille beach, 17111 Loix, tel. 06 60 35 38 44,

The Nautical Centre of La Couarde sur Mer

Located in La Couarde sur Mer, the CNCG (Centre Nautique Couardais de Goisil) is a certified "French Sailing School". In a training course or in private lessons, you will be able to gradually learn the joys of sailing in complete safety on a beginner's pool, in the heart of a protected natural site, and then in the open sea.

- Address: Plage des Prises, 17670 La Couarde-sur-Mer, tel. 05 46 29 82 40,

CNPA - La Flotte and Rivedoux-Plage Sailing and Swimming School

Since 1966, the multi activity Nautical Centre (catamaran, dinghy, windsurfing, paddle, sea licence, swimming lessons from 4 years old...) welcomes you all year round on the waterways of La Flotte en Ré and Rivedoux-Plage. Holder of the "French Sailing School" label, the CNPA offers private sailing and windsurfing lessons, group courses and equipment hire for free sailing.

- Address: Base nautique, 6 promenade de la Côte, 17630 La Flotte, tel. 05 46 09 50 57 / 17 Nautical Center, rue de la Surveillance, 17940 Rivedoux-Plage, tel. 05 46 35 62 05,

The Bois-Plage sailing school "La Cabane Verte

A team of qualified instructors offers private lessons for children, juniors and adults to take your first steps on the water: paddle, windsurfing, catamaran, sea kayak, surf, supfoil, wingfoil, etc. A professional and above all very educational team!

- Address: Plage de Gros Jonc, 17580 Bois-Plage-en-Ré, tel. 05 46 09 94 73,

Île de Ré Nautisme - la Cible Voile - Saint-Martin-de-Ré

Created in 2007 in St Martin de Ré by Florent Renard, former top sportsman and French windsurfing champion, the Cible Voile is a school affiliated to the French Sailing Federation. On the programme: catamaran, windsurf, optmist, sailboat and kitesurf. Several formulas are offered: courses (beginners and advanced), private lessons, rental, but also trips and sea fishing.

- Address: avenue de la Plage, 17410 Saint-Martin-de-Ré, tel. 06 35 90 41 81,

Envol à Voile, cruising school in Rivedoux-Plage

With Envol à Voile, sail aboard a sailboat, with panache! Charles, your qualified instructor, offers cruising courses to Fort Boyard, the islands of Aix, Oléron, Ile d'Yeu and Noirmoutier. Take advantage of your stay at the campsite to learn the basics of cruising, sailing, manoeuvres, sail adjustments, weather, safety on board, etc. Different formulas are available, from half-day to week-long cruises with nights on board.

- Address: Plage de Sablanceau, 17940 Rivedoux-Plage, tel. 07 69 40 30 61,

Club Nautique des Portes en Ré / FFVoile rental point

Since 1966, the Club Nautique des Portes-en-Ré has been sailing for young and old alike. A team of 10 qualified and experienced instructors will help you choose the programme best suited to your needs. The school offers private lessons and courses in catamaran, dinghy, windsurfing and paddle-boarding, as well as equipment hire.

- Address: 1 promenade de la mer, 17880 Les Portes-en-Ré, tel. 05 46 29 61 36,

CNAR - Cercle nautique d'Ars-en-Ré

Hoist the sails in Ars-en-Ré, a quality address on the coastline of the Ré region! Founded in 1955 and certified as a "French Sailing School", the CNAR offers you the chance to sail in the Fier d'Ars, a large, almost enclosed bay located at the northern end of the Ile de Ré. In summer (July and August), the Point Plage is located in Saint Clément, to the west of the bay of La Conche, on the famous spot known as "Diamond Head".

- Address: 27 quai de la criée, 17590 Ars en Ré, tel. 05 46 29 23 04,

Les Dauphins Sailing School Antoine Albeau - La Couarde-sur-Mer

A "must" on the island of Ré to practice windsurfing under the guidance of Antoine Albeau, windsurfer from Ré with 25 world titles! For the more experienced, advanced courses are offered. This is also an opportunity to sail in an optimist or catamaran on the best exposed spots according to the swell and wind.

- Address: Plage du Peu Ragot, 17670 La Couarde sur Mer, tel. 05 46 29 80 29,

Stand Up Paddle School - Le Bois-Plage-en-Ré

Since 2010, "Papaï Paddle" allows you to discover the sensations of SUP while hiking or surfing. If you are already experienced in paddle, Maxime and Anaïs will take you to play in the waves of the Gollandières beach in Le Bois Plage en Ré. As a family, let yourself be tempted by a paddle in the salt marshes of the Ile de Ré, close to the fauna, flora and landscapes.

- Address: Plage des Gollandières, 17580 Bois-Plage-en-Ré, tel. 06 87 10 35 43,

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