Our wellness area with sauna and hammam

Our Relaxation Area invites you to a pure moment of well-being, a break from the stress, a moment all to yourself! On the programme: sauna, hammam and massages to enjoy a relaxing stay on the Ile de Ré!

The sauna, the Scandinavian touch of your stay on the Ile de Ré

A small wooden cabin, benches on each side, a stove that radiates a pleasant warmth... this is the recipe for well-being!

Very popular in the Scandinavian countries, the sauna provides you with an unparalleled moment of relaxation. A true refuge for body and mind, our little wellness bubble plunges you into a highly relaxing dry and hot steam bath.

Thanks to its relaxing properties, the sauna is the best place to get rid of stress and escape from everyday life for a few moments. For sportsmen and women, it relieves muscular pains, reduces aches and pains and reduces fatigue. Known for its detoxifying virtues on the body, the sauna also helps to eliminate toxins and reduce blood pressure. On the beauty side, the sauna improves the softness and elasticity of the skin through sweating. So many reasons to come and return throughout your stay!

Hammam, your relaxation ritual with the scent of the Orient

Stemming from a long oriental tradition, the heat of the hammam is much lower than that of the sauna, but much more humid.

Its benefits? A relaxing effect on the muscles; you will see, you will quickly feel a real relaxation of the body (here too, sportsmen and hikers will appreciate). A decongestant effect on the body, especially on the respiratory tract. A stimulating effect that boosts blood circulation and relieves stress. A beneficial effect on the skin thanks to the heat, which opens the pores deep down and allows a complete cleansing of the epidermis. In short, the list goes on and on. The best thing is to come and take a look for yourself!

Access to the sauna and hammam is reserved for people over 16 years of age. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Access to the wellness area costs 7 euros per person. At this price, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it! And after that, you will be tempted by a little massage, won't you?

A massage to make you feel like you're on cloud nine.

Massages will also be part of the little wellness ritual of your stay on the Ile de Ré. Let yourself be lulled by the cocooning atmosphere of our massage room and choose the treatment that suits you best: a relaxing massage with organic oils or a tonic massage, such as Swedish massages.

Whichever you choose, it's nothing but bliss! Close your eyes and abandon yourself in the soft and expert hands of our practitioner. Moments of absolute relaxation in perspective, to let yourself go and let go. Only one watchword: serenity!

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