La Rochelle, la belle

A thousand years ago, La Rochelle was a fishing village. The wine and salt trade spelled a golden age for the town in the 13th century, and would make La Rochelle the biggest French port in the Atlantic until the 15th century. A town with a rich seafaring and architectural past, La Rochelle is appreciated for its scenic charm: the old port overlooked by the majestic Saint Nicolas tower, a symbol of power and wealth, the arcaded streets used for trading back in the day, the Grosse Horloge, an old clock tower that separated the port from the city, Henry II’s house, the only structure of its kind in the history of France, many gardens which are lovely for a stroll, and of course its famous aquarium, one of Europe’s biggest private aquariums.

Located half-an-hour from the Camping la Grainetière ****, come and discover the secrets of the thousand-year-old town.