Campsite with grocery shop on the Ile de Ré

During your stay on the Ile de Ré, you will find in our grocery shop everything you need to do your extra shopping, without having to leave the campsite or take the car. Convenient, isn't it?

At breakfast time: bread and pastries

Always busy, the grocery shop at La Grainetière welcomes you from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. In the morning, the smell of warm bread, croissants and pains au chocolat (baked on site) will whet your appetite for breakfast!

Throughout the day: the grocery shop

During the day, people come and go there to stock up on fresh and frozen products, canned food, drinks, hygiene and maintenance items from the small bazaar. You will also find in our mini-supermarket typical regional products from the Ile de Ré, souvenirs, postcards, as well as magazines and the daily press. And to do the big shopping, the Leclerc and Intermarché shops are located less than 2 km from the campsite!

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