The campsite library: books and board games

A novel to read by the pool? A comic book for children? A Scrabble game to play with the family? Don't hesitate to drop by the campsite's library!

Long live reading during the holidays

How about taking advantage of the holidays to get back to reading? If you haven't had time to stop by your bookseller before leaving, you're sure to find what you're looking for at La Grainetière's library! Choose a book and settle down in our cocooning space or borrow the detective novel that will accompany your holiday on the Ile de Ré. Children are not forgotten. They will find their account among a large choice of children's literature.

A board game, you can never think about it enough...

How to occupy the children and reunite the whole family? Thanks to a board game of course! It's always nice to return to the good old classics of the genre: Scrabble, Uno, Monopoly, the 7 families game... Perfect when it rains*... but not only !

*This rarely happens on the Ile de Ré ;)

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